Quest for Supervision

My Case Load:

The My Case Load page compiles all of your work information into one convenient, easy-to-use location. Quick links to the Dashboard, My Case Load Map, Assessments, Events and others give you quick and easy access to the information you need.


The Quest dashboard displays all open items for a client in one easy to use, convenient location. Clients can be assigned to more than one case at a time, and each case has unique requirements and charges. Thus, the dashboard provides a view of everything currently going on for each client.


Events are the way Quest handles calendaring. An event is a scheduled appointment such as a court hearing, an office visit, or a scheduled drug test. This allows everyone, including officers, to easily keep up with their scheduled appointments using events on their own calendar.


With Quest Contacts, you can easily document each contact with your client. By attaching a drug test to a contact, Quest can automatically assess a fee and update the test results. Officers and users can pull valuable statistical information from these recorded contacts such as: how many home visits, school visits, work visits, etc. were conducted. The days of carrying around a “road book” for each client are over!


Quest assessments enable officers to make better informed and effective case plans, detention/release decisions, mental health decisions, etc. By giving you the ability to create custom risk/needs assessments based on your business practices, or use existing assessments imported into Quest via our smart templating, Quest provides access to all the assessment information in one place. In Indiana, we even interface with the statewide assessment system (for IYAS/IRAS) and import that information into Quest.

My Case Load Map

Mapping the Case Load provides case managers with immediate access to valuable information when and where they need it. Using Quest’s advanced mapping and photo capabilities, case managers can streamline planning for field visits, while also ensuring that they have immediate access to all the needed case files and related information such as: where they live, their photo, as well as quick links to their personal details, Legal History, Contacts and Events. An invaluable tool for any officer in the field.

Drug Testing

Despite the accuracy of modern drug testing, results can be manipulated given enough time to prepare. Quest can help you alleviate the risk of your clients manipulating their drug intake based upon the timing of the drug tests. Quest can randomly select who will be drug tested and when. It can even automatically assess the testing fees each time. Then, via our included automated phone call system, it can call and/or text the parties to be tested, providing the date and location of the test. Quest also interfaces with several different drug labs to automatically download the test results from their system to ours. This completely automates the process of scheduling the test, assessing the fees, processing the results, and notifying the officers.