Founded in 1990   •   Over 5,000 users   •   Multiple Jurisdictions   •   Nationwide

About Gottlieb & Wertz, Inc.

Gottlieb & Wertz, Inc. is dedicated to providing juvenile justice systems with the best, most integrated case management software with an unparalleled dedication to client satisfaction.

Since 1990, Gottlieb & Wertz, Inc. has been meeting the automation needs of the court systems and has established a reputation of delivering services on-time and within budget. We have a complete and proven product whose architecture and design are
easy to maintain, support and customize to each jurisdiction’s specific needs. QUEST utilizes cutting-edge technology and requires nothing more than a standard web browser for a user to access. Its object oriented design and programming has stood the test of time and ensured its ease of maintenance. Gottlieb & Wertz, Inc. successfully supports thousands of authorized users across multiple jurisdictions. An independent State of Indiana survey once listed Gottlieb & Wertz, Inc. as the only vendor serving Indiana with 100% client satisfaction.

The success of QUEST is founded on Gottlieb & Wertz, Inc.’s experiences working with the courts and a comprehensive understanding of their needs. It is built on seamless integration that not only affords efficient, effective communication among people within each agency, but also provides these benefits between various judicial system agencies.