The Benefits of Quest

Technical Support:

Bill Gottlieb and Ron Wertz developed the Quest Case Management System more than 25 years ago and have been continually improving and adding enhancements ever since. With more than 50 years of combined experience working directly with Quest and the juvenile justice system, Gottlieb & Wertz, Inc. provides Quest users with the benefit of knowledgeable, reliable support that affords them the peace of mind that Quest solutions are just a call away.


The design of Quest security affords you the peace of mind that every child’s information is safe and secure. Quest’s highly configurable security levels empower jurisdictions by granting you authority over who has access, to what information, and to what extent. Security levels are integrated into every aspect of the Quest system, allowing you the authority to restrict access to specific, often sensitive documents like adoption records which can be protected by assigning them the appropriate security group.

Person Details:

The Person Detail page displays all the information related to a child and gives you a holistic view of a child by displaying his/her complete history with the juvenile justice system. The Person Detail page can help you make better, well-informed decisions to protect the best interest of the child. It also helps you prevent children from getting lost or forgotten in the system by establishing a presence in the child’s life and keeping current with them by scheduling contacts to ensure the child’s well-being.

The Quest Community:

Becoming a member of the Quest community gives you access to an extensive support network of Quest counties; whom habitually respond well to inquiries from fellow Quest counties, often sharing forms, advice, and best practices with one another. When big projects are proposed, the Quest community can share the cost, reducing the financial burden on each county, and saving you money. When one county pays for a unique enhancement to Quest, all counties reap the benefits of the new enhancements; essentially giving you additional functionalities for free.

Highly configurable:

The Quest Case Management System is designed such that it allows you to tailor it to satisfy all of your jurisdiction’s needs. By adapting to your business processes, not vice versa Quest integrates seamlessly into your regular operations making for a smooth transition. Whether your needs call for additional features to Quest now or in the future, Gottlieb & Wertz can provide the solutions you need.

Forms & Documents:

Quest forms give you the power to create custom templates for producing documents which, when used to create documents, simultaneously update the database and chronological case summary, streamlining the documentation process and saving you time-money. Templates reduce the risk of human-input-error and saves time by presenting the required input fields as a sequence of questions. Automated disbursement and e-signatures streamline the distribution and approval of documents.

Responsive Connection:

Quest boasts instantaneous response times despite the number of users online, saving time and allowing you to focus on your job. The consistently fast connection times eliminate the frustration of waiting for a page to load, and improves overall morale and job satisfaction.


Quest’s user-friendly design alleviates stress and saves time during the training and implementation phases in those who are apprehensive or hesitant to change. The intuitive design helps users quickly adapt to the new system, experience success and noticeable benefits upon returning to work.

Finding Information:

Quest’s extensive search capabilities make it easy to quickly retrieve case information with limited information. Rather than searching through files, Quest saves you time and frustration by allowing you to search for information within a case.


Analyze data and track trends with Quest’s powerful reporting functionality which enables management to easily create reports using a variety of criteria, including demographic and geographic characteristics as well as virtually any other tracked metric.