Gottlieb & Wertz, Inc. specializes in computer automation of court operations using the QUEST Case Management System.

Successfully installed across the nation, QUEST can be easily adapted to meet your jurisdiction's needs. QUEST links all disciplines within the framework of the judicial system to promote a united and effective approach to case management. QUEST even provides the basis for coherent, cohesive SAFE SCHOOLS and SHOCAP programs. From integrating all agencies to simply automating your own, Gottlieb & Wertz, Inc. understands the complex challenges of today's courts. Together, we can meet these challenges.

QUEST affords system access from virtually any computer. Conveniently based entirely on internet/intranet technologies, you access QUEST using only a standard web browser -- locally or remotely, it's all within your reach. Quest is a true 21st century case management system.

With Quest, you make all the choices...

  • You choose the server hardware platform.

  • You choose the server operating system.

    It must support Java, which most do.

  • You choose the database.

    Virtually any SQL 92 compliant database should work. Examples include: DB2, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Interbase, etc.

  • Users access Quest with only a standard web browser, from whatever computer they happen to be using.

  • The application is completely customizable.

Our implementation partners at Crowe Horwath have produced a success story video as well as brochures detailing our implementation experience in Miami-Dade County. If you would like to view these, click here.

If you would like further information or a system demonstration, please feel free to email or phone us.